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Pallet Gardens
16 Oct 2012

If you like the use of recycled raw materials then you will love the idea of transforming a pallet into a garden.

Living Walls: Be Insipired
30 May 2012

Bring life to your walls with this creative flower designs. Display plants on your walls for a creative look that will transform your living space.

Garden Birds Accessories
27 May 2012

The first image shows the Shovel Birdhouse, which is a great home for the birds, as well as giving that special touch to your garden.

How to create an urban garden in 4 easy steps
23 May 2012

We have specially created these simple initial steps for you, as a guide for anyone to be able to create an urban garden at home.

Lets begin:

A Hammock in your garden is a must
25 Apr 2012

There is a large range of hammocks in the market varying in style and price. There is something available for everyone. How do you chose?