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Integral product for exterior spaces

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How do we do it? We will tell you step by step

1.jpgFor starters, we visit and get to know you.


2.pngYou tell us your desires, style, necessities and priorities.


3.pngWe analyze the space, the orientation, climate, topography, etc… and we measure it.

More realistic plans. Jardinería Ramal

4.pngWith you we get our first ideas….


5.pngIn the office, we create a personalized project just for you.

Sketches and/or infographics

Sketches or infographics. Jardineria Ramal

Because we know an image is worth a thousand words...


Gardening plans. Jardinería Ramal

We offer you better visualization of the design proposal

Photographic attachments

Gardening photograph attachments. Jardinería Ramal

So that you learn the plant species and proposed materials, we include images of similar environments


Gardening budget. Jardinería Ramal

100% detailed. This way you know what it costs from the beginning, without price spikes or fine print

Consult our prices.


2. Execution and/or Direction

The profession carried to the maximum exponent


   As we know it is difficult to get to this point with so many things to do and think about, we make it easier for you... you just have to decide how to continue.  

   This is how your integral project of exterior spaces ends, and so we propose 2 proposals;

   A.-DIRECTION OF THE WORK. You can hire whoever you want or work with us so that we guide the jobs that we have proposed to you because we believe that our presence is essential to specify the overall concept of your garden.

   B.- EXECUTION. If you decide to work with us we will take care of everything. That way you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s that easy, you decide.

Direction plan. Jardineria Ramal



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