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Ideas for decorating patios and urban terraces

Ideas for decorating patios and urban terraces. Jardineria Ramal
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At Ramal, we give life to your balcony, patio or terrace with a lot of design…. And little money.

It doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small space, light or dark, exterior or interior, … We work with everything to make the most of the space to turn it into one of your favorite places in your home.  

Our design team takes care of everything from beginning to end of every project, whatever type it may be. We study and give life to different options and we choose the most viable. The client only has to sit, listen and finally decide what suits them best. It is a job that we take very seriously because we believe that transforming and finding the potential of these spaces will bring you the peace and relaxation that you need, and that excites us… and it motivates us..

Garden terrace project

Example of a design project and gardening of a penthouse terrace

How do we do it? We will tell you our secret…

We know that one of the areas that is most appreciated, even though it seems paradoxical, is outside of it. We refer to this outdoor space, whether it is an interior patio, a terrace or a nook where we enjoy some fresh air, as that which makes us feel “outside” but just as comfortable as inside the house. 

A simply enchanting space that is well decorated and well-conditioned, we can take advantage of it and enjoy it not only in summer, but all 365 days of the year! 

Before anything else, we must remind you that the decoration of the terrace should be linked to or related in some way to the decoration of the interior of your home, for this reason the design should have continuity between both spaces, and that is something we keep in mind. 


Diseño de terraza

In the office, we will write-up a first proposal, accompanied by sketches and 3D infographics, we hand it in to the client completely personalized.

We will tell you how we do it and we will give you some advice to do it yourself, but keep in mind that you must have a lot of patience, imagination and creativity to do it.

Let’s begin…

Ideas for decorating patios, gardens and urban terraces​.

First off, it is not about buying just to buy. Not everything is worthwhile. We must plan what we want and what we want the end product to be. For starters…


We must calculate well the space that we have. To do this we will take the measurements of the entire space. We will complete a plan and we will include everything that we would like to have.

These measurements will help us to imagine the space each element that we want will take up. Everything will be in complete harmony, imagine it! 

We will avoid spaces and places with too many things, our premise is to have a comfortable and functional space. Open, happy and that the complete set flows...


It is impossible to build a house starting with the roof which is why it is clear that we must start with the floor. Our experience with elements like Teak wood, Ipe wood or Bamboo, even synthetic flooring for the outdoors, offer an incredible finish, an extraordinary warmth, and with this detail… we verify that it absolutely changes the entire space.

You can also decant yourself for artificial grass, rugs, pavement or rustic cobblestones, that mixed with taste can indeed reduce the cost and make it as equally warm and welcoming. 


The most important thing for us is that your personal style is represented. The space should have characteristics of the family that lives there. It should have its own style, or in other words, your own style.

So, put a picture, a handmade lamp, an old ladder to hang some pots in a unique way, paint a wall, any craft… can make our patio or terrace a very very special place. A place that will speak of us. 

Detalle terraza

Ideas for night-time terraces


If you have outdoor furniture, don’t hesitate to use them, and if they are old, we can restore them with new color. We can paint them red, white, etc… and after sand and stain them giving them and older look that, if done well, will look amazing. 

You can also buy them used and restore them yourself with a little work and paint. In the end, on the terrace the furniture will be exposed to inclement weather and over time, whether we like it or not, they will deteriorate. Furniture from different time periods and styles usually combine nicely as well as creating a space with a unique identity. For this reason, we never count anything out even if something seems out of style.

On the other hand, a terrace can’t go without a table and chairs, it is a place to eat, read or have a snack. Remember that they can’t take up too much space, so it is preferable to have extra chairs in your home for when guests come to dinner rather than not have space on the terrace.

Finally, and as long as there is room, the terrace should always have a hammock. A space dedicated to relaxing, reading or simply tanning, it is perfect for laying in the sun or watching the stars on a chilly night…


We believe that it is essential to have adequate lighting for any patio or terrace, especially if we wish to use it during the night. It is preferable to have warm lights, not too strong, and create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.  

If we were to need more light for specific moments, like a family dinner or time with friends, we can have several lamps and candles in specific places that will help to give a welcoming, romantic and/or illuminated atmosphere.

There are lights that recharge in the sun and they turn on at night. They are a very interesting option apart from being ecological. 


You can use a number of objects and materials such as: recycled candelabras, you can use lanterns as candle holders, candles, pillows, rugs, blankets, exotic or ethnic objects, even an old door or window…All of these objects will give your terrace a personality and a very special elegance.

You can also put a barbeque, a chimney or even a pool. You can even install some furniture made from pallets or put up a forge or wood pergola…

Putting up a pergola, a cloth or a covering will always help protect us from the sun and also protect our furniture from the sun and rain.

If you want to see some examples of swimming pools, we invite you to get to know our design work and pool construction.




You can’t go without plants! We can decorate the patio or the terrace with seasonal flowers or plants, in that way every season they are in a perfect state. That way we change the colors during the year at a modest price.

The premise is that the plants are completely adapted to the spot where they will be placed. Remember that there are plants that live better in the sun and others that live better in the shade.

What really seems important to us is that there are few plants but that they are sufficiently visible, that is to say, it will always look better to have a big plant in a big pot, varied with small plants all over the garden. In the end, the maintenance of one big plant is much less than a lot of little plants.

Garden in and interior terrace or patio

We will use clay pots, wooden, stone, wicker and hemp planters, which can also be used as pot covers, something that will give a distinct and personal touch to our terrace. The planters have pots to collect rain water or excess irrigation which seems really important. Without them, we would provoke stains on the floor or pavement forever.

Ideas for a daytime terrace

In the end, at Ramal, we believe in what we do and it shows. If what you want is to make your terrace a place for family or friend get togethers, have breakfast, have a barbeque, listen to music, and enjoy an unforgettable evening, why not pay attention to what your patio or terrace deserves?

Don’t you think it is time to improve the space that you have always had a little abandoned?

Don’t you think you should try it? After our advice, if you need help you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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