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Hampton Court Palace Gardens, London

Hampton Court Palace Gardens, London
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The beautiful Hampton Court Palace gardens run down to the River Thames, in over 60 acres of magnificent displays of 200.000 flowers and over 304 hectares of royal parkland. Hampton Court  is in the Southwest of central London.

The design and architecture gives us signs of the influence of the park in Versailles Palace. The park was in fact designed by one of the students of the main architect of the Versailles Palace Gardens that of Andre Le Notre, the gardener of Louis XIV. The palace itself is one of the two  surviving palaces of Henry VIII, along with the St Jame´s Palace.

It was after Charles II became king that he ordered for a canal to be made in 1660, inspired by Versailles.

Hampton Court Palace gardens are a major tourist attraction in London. It is also famous for holding the annual Royal Hampton Court Flower Show. The palace itself is one of the two  surviving palaces of Henry VIII, along with the St James's Palace.

Within the Hampton Court you will also find the Maze, the Privy Garden, the Great Vine and Kitchen Garden.

The Privy Garden is “one of the most accurately reconstructed gardens at Hampton Court”. It has historical value dating back to its original creation in 1702.  

The Great Vine, planted in 1769, is one of the largest grape vines in the world (over 240 years old) and where annual production of grapes still takes place.

The Maze was planted in the 1690s by George London and Henry Wise for William III of Orange. It is one of the oldest surviving hedge mazes, however with time it is possible that the current design has replaced the original.

The Hampton Court Palace Gardens is unquestionably a magnificent place to visit. 

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