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Garden and pool maintenance in Alicante

Garden maintenance for companies in Alicante. Jardineria Ramal
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Jardineria Ramal has designed a comprehensive gardening service for businesses. We adapt to your business and your needs, offering a personalized, economical and available to your expectations gardening do not be to worry about anything.

If you are a company and you need is the care and maintenance of your garden or any garden area (either indoor or outdoor) in branch have a team of expert gardeners, both in maintaining small gardens, and large areas green.

We are not a company of gardening and landscaping use, we are much more. We work with passion and involvement, and offer a very personalized service, which aims is to create and care for a living thing, including people.

We are 100% convinced that this rule will ALWAYS;


Garden maintenance services for companies in Alicante and province

Some of the work we do are

  • Pruning of trees, palms and other plants.
  • Subscribers and phytosanitary treatments.
  • Review and installation of automated irrigation systems.
  • Maintenance of lawns.
  • Maintenance of indoor plants.

From our Department. Landscaping, we offer our customers all the improvements that we consider necessary to ensure a good state of the elements that make the garden as plants or not, so as to improve the visual, aesthetic and scenic appearance thereof .

In Ramal we take very seriously the current environmental standards, so we meet all environmental standards set by Ministry, mostly using biological and organic products. So we avoid risks and even improved plant health as well as workers, people and animals that live in your natural environment.

If you have any questions, ask us anything, we will do everything in our power to help!

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