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Royal Botanic Kew Gardens, London
14 Nov 2012

The Royal Botanic Gardens are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The gardens have bloomed since 1759 to 120 hectares, providing the most comprehensive collection on earth.

Aerium, the world of a living air plant
09 Nov 2012

Aerium is the miniature world in which Tillandsias grow. Tillandsias are air plants and thus grow differently from other flowers. They belong to the Bromeliaceae family.

Pallet Gardens
16 Oct 2012

If you like the use of recycled raw materials then you will love the idea of transforming a pallet into a garden.

Palace Of Versailles Gardens, Paris
05 Jun 2012

The beautiful gardens of the Versaille Chateau took nearly 40 years to complete.

Living Walls: Be Insipired
30 May 2012

Bring life to your walls with this creative flower designs. Display plants on your walls for a creative look that will transform your living space.

Garden Birds Accessories
27 May 2012

The first image shows the Shovel Birdhouse, which is a great home for the birds, as well as giving that special touch to your garden.

How to create an urban garden in 4 easy steps
23 May 2012

We have specially created these simple initial steps for you, as a guide for anyone to be able to create an urban garden at home.

Lets begin:

Tiergarten: The Oldest Open Green Park In The Middle Of Berlin!
16 May 2012

Located in the city centre, Tiergarten is even larger than London´s Hyde Park, with 220 hectares of land filled with ecological value. The name itself means “Animal Garden”.

A Hammock in your garden is a must
25 Apr 2012

There is a large range of hammocks in the market varying in style and price. There is something available for everyone. How do you chose?