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Artificial vertical gardens

Artificial vertical gardens. Jardineria Ramal
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One of the latest trends in interior design, architecture and landscaping is the installation of vertical gardens on walls, facades of buildings, living rooms, kitchens, terraces, balconies or indoor walls. At Ramal Gardening and Landscaping we propose an alternative for these types of gardens… artificial vertical gardens, which simulate a vertical garden with living plants, giving a really spectacular scenic, esthetic and visual aspect.

Artificial vertical garden wall.. Jardineria Ramal

If you are thinking about putting an artificial vertical garden in your business, display, home or terrace, and you don’t know where to start, we help you to clear up any doubts. 

On many occasions, the installation of a natural vertical garden can come with some big problems like; an elevated cost of installation, the consumption of water, the replacement of plants and the posterior up-keep.

If what you want is to avoid those inconveniences, artificial vertical gardens are a perfect alternative since the visual, landscape and esthetic aspects are completely similar and the final result is incredible! 

The materials we use are made from fabric when we talk about interior environments or from high quality injected polyester for both interior and exterior spaces.

In addition, it can be installed with a variety of combinations of plants which can offer a 100% natural appearance.

Thanks to the diverse species of plants that we use, we create different volumes and textures just like natural plants. 

Diverse artificial vertical gardens. Jardineria Ramal

Its assembly is completely manual so that each plant wall is different from the others. This makes them the best solution to create green spaces on both indoor and exterior walls, building facades, interior walls, displays, offices and any other imaginable place.

Artificial vertical gardens for hotels. Jardineria Ramal


Advantages of artificial vertical gardens

Some of the advantages that these types of gardens have are:

  • Give a 100% natural appearance.
  • The price is inferior to a natural vertical garden.
  • The cost of installation is minimal.
  • It acts like thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • They don’t need water. 
  • They don’t attract insects.
  • There are never dead plants. Since they are high quality artificial plants, they are resistant both inside and outside and we don’t have to worry about possible dead plants, whether it is from pests, adverse weather conditions, lack of or excess of water or other factors.
  • The plant wall stays green all year and ALWAYS has a natural appearance, no matter what. 
  • There are no surprise fees.
  • The result of the esthetic, visual and landscaping levels are almost exactly the same! You will see if yourself.

Interior artificial vertical gardens. Jardineria Ramal

If you want to give an elegant touch to any wall but you don’t want to have to worry about maintenance, we give you a perfect solution through the installation of an artificial vertical garden.

Artificial vertical garden projects. Jardinería Ramal

If you prefer, we give life to your projects with 3D graphics so that you can visualize your finished garden... before we begin.
You will have a realistic perspective of your artificial vertical garden.

End results of artificial vertical gardens. Jardinería Ramal

And you will enjoy a spectacular end result

Artificial vertical gardens for medical centers. Jardineria Ramal

At Ramal, we spend a lot of time doing this type of projects and all of our clients have been really amazed with the end result.

Artificial vertical garden for an interior patio at a nursing home. Jardineria Ramal. Bilbao

Artificial vertical gardens for interior patios. San Antonio Residence, Bilbao.

Artificial vertical garden for shopping centers. Jardineria Ramal

We have a lot of experience in the fabrication of artificial vertical gardens. If you are interested and want information.... contact us and we will help you!! 

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