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Palace Of Versailles Gardens, Paris

Palace Of Versailles Gardens, Paris
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The beautiful gardens of the Versaille Chateau took nearly 40 years to complete. It dates back as far as the chateau itself, back to 1661 and it took as long as the building of the castle to be completed. The design was created by different architects and painters at the time:  André Le Notre, Charles Le Brun, Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Jean Baptiste Colbert, under the throne of king Louis XIV.

The castle extends at over 800 hectares and it includes sculptures, water parterres, canals and fountains. The myth has it that Apollo is always present in the gardens.

The gardens of Versailles Chateau is a typical French garden. The French style is clearly displayed with the strict rules of geometry, the imposition of perspective, the use of water and the unique way the bushes are shaped.

This is a must see place for you to visit. Go ahead, plan your trip to Paris and enjoy the breathtaking city and the spectacular Palace Of Versailles.

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