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Installation and maintenance of artificial grass in Alicante

Installation and maintenance of artificial grass in Alicante. Jardineria Ramal
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Artificial grass or natural grass? This is the eternal question that you ask yourself every year that passes and it has always filled you with doubt. On one hand, the smell of natural grass is a sensation of well-being and very enjoyable, but the work and cost that comes with having natural grass makes you consider installing artificial grass, which is much more comfortable and economical in the long term.

If you are thinking about installing an artificial lawn in your garden or on your terrace and you don’t know what type of artificial grass to install, we will clear up all of your doubts. If you continue reading we will tell you:

  • What types of artificial grass there are on the market and which one best suits your necessities.
  • What advantages there are for installing artificial grass instead of natural grass.
  • How to install an artificial lawn step by step.
  • You will learn all of the secrets about the maintenance of your artificial lawn.
  • Discover the truth about the variety of prices for artificial grass.

Types of artificial grass

The same as natural grass, there are numerous types of artificial grass that exist. Even if you have only searched a little, you will have found a ton of information talking about brands, models, heights, colors, materials, prices, resistances, guarantees, etc. Very confusing, no?

To simplify your selection, you only need to keep in mind how you will use it and the visual quality you want to have in your garden.

  • You want artificial grass for decorative use or areas that are not used frequently. In this case you need grass between 15 and 25 mm of height. In addition, they are usually the most economically priced models. 
  • You need an artificial grass that will be used frequently, like recreational areas for your children, sports fields, communal areas… Don’t hesitate and install an artificial grass whose fiber is between 25 and 40 mm as it is also the one that most looks like the height of natural grass.
  • If on the contrary you are going to put the artificial grass in a sport center like a paddle court, football field or multisport field, you will need a 13 mm grass for paddle or tennis courts and between 15 and 35 mm in the case of a football field or something similar.

When it comes to visual quality, we recommend from experience that you choose without doubt the artificial grass that most looks like natural grass in terms of color, height, brightness, density, etc. One piece of advice: compare the quality in daylight and preferably over a section of natural grass. The more the look alike, the better.

Césped artificial antes y después de la obra. Jardineria Ramal

Advantages of installing artificial grass

When you are thinking about making an inversion in your garden, whether it is to improve its appearance or to save money on maintenance, you must keep in mind the advantages you will receive by installing artificial grass as opposed to natural grass. Learn the 5 principal advantages:

  1. Saving on water. This is the principal advantage as we all know we live on the Mediterranean and in Alicante, as in other cities, they are dry areas and there is very little water. We will only use water when our artificial lawn is dirty, in this way with just a quick squirt it will be left in perfect condition. 
  2. 0 Maintenance (yes, zero). The opposite of what happens with a natural lawn, the artificial hardly needs attention, for this reason an annual brushing will be enough to maintain the fibers in a vertical position. Differently from what happens with a natural lawn, you won’t have to pay attention to pests, substitutes or bad grass. 
  3. Visual quality and landscape. The esthetic is without a doubt the determining characteristic for us. Our best advice: There are many grasses on the market, but we have a clear idea… an artificial lawn should be as similar to reality as possible. If it isn’t, the visual quality and esthetic of the garden will be affected and it will not appear elegant but rather sometimes vulgar. Ask us and we will show you our types of grass so you can compare, since a wrong decision now can affect the future of your garden. 
  4. It is possible to make a garden on any type of pavement. You can create prairies of artificial grass in paved areas like a balcony, a terrace, a penthouse or an interior patio. Anywhere you want!

Lawn installation before, during and after the work. Ramal Gardening

How to install an artificial lawn

Once you have selected the model of artificial grass most suited for you, it will be time to install it and create that comforting space for you. We are going to give you the key points on how to install your artificial lawn in perfect conditions;

  • Preparation of the ground. You will have to eliminate the grass from the land if there is any, along with any rocks and debris that are there. Make sure that the surface is completely flat. 
  • Use of sand. You will be able to make the land level and compact. Add a layer of sand between 5 and 7 cm of thickness. You will improve the drainage and achieve a correct grass balance. 
  • Put geotextile mesh. Depending on the type of lawn chosen, it is possible that you don’t need mesh. But if the lawn is of low quality, with the end goal of avoiding the emergence of intrusive vegetation or weeds, you will need to put down this element as a base.
  • Putting down an artificial lawn. When you put down each strip of grass, try to stretch it as much as possible and avoid wrinkles or folds. Don’t forget to cut off the extra parts.
  • Attach it to the ground. With the goal of anchoring the lawn to the ground, use pickets or adhesives that are on sale for this specific purpose.
  • Use silica sand. As a last step, spread silica sand in a uniform way (1-3mm) all over the surface of the artificial lawn. This will make sure that the grass will stay in its place, maintain the grass fibers straight, help it to drain and keep it cooler.

Putting down an artificial lawn. Ramal Gardening

If you have decided to put down an artificial lawn in your garden or on your terrace, and you are not all that handy, you have us for whatever you need. We can install it from the beginning to the end so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Maintenance of an artificial lawn

Now that you know how to put down an artificial lawn, you need to know how to maintain it. Don’t think that it is a strenuous job and that it will take up a lot of time. The artificial lawn is characterized for needing zero maintenance. The tasks you are going to read are to help the lawn last longer.

  • You will wash the artificial lawn with a pressure hose whenever it appears dirty. This way you will get rid of dust that may have accumulated on the lawn. If you have pets, you shouldn’t worry because they can do their business on the lawn. Wait until the area has dried to remove the waste with a broom and after rinsing with a hose will completely clean the lawn.
  • You will pick up leaves that have fallen on the lawn using a simple broom or rake. It is rather common to have trees or bushes sharing the space with the artificial lawn.
  • You will do an annual brushing so that the fibers of the grass always appear vertical. We have a specific machine so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 
  • You will prolong the life of your lawn if you sprinkle a little silica sand over it. It will help the grass stand up-right and minimize the wear of the fibers.

Be careful when you barbeque or if you smoke in the garden area. Even though the lawn doesn’t burn, you could leave a mark in the area where it falls, drying it out. Remove cigarette butts and ash as soon as possible.

How to put down an artificial lawn. Jardineria Ramal

Prices of artificial grass

In the same way that you have seen the variety of diverse types of grass, there is an extensive spectrum of prices. Don’t go crazy with the numerous offers and prices of an artificial lawn. Stay away from the sale of artificial grass that is too cheap or secondhand. Keep in mind that the artificial lawn is an element that will be with you for many years and the inversion that you make will be worth it in the long run. 

Let us advise you. We have an ample range of prices adapted to your needs. Talk with us and we will help you.


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