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A Hammock in your garden is a must

A Hammock in your garden is a must
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There is a large range of hammocks in the market varying in style and price. There is something available for everyone. How do you chose? Let us help you chose the one that is right for you.

How to choose a hammock?

The first thing you will need to consider is the size. The hammock needs to meet certain criteria. Size is one of the,. The width of a hammock should not be less than 140 cm. Choose the right size hammock depending on your needs and space. Hammocks can be used for a single person or two people. But please be aware that the size does not imply the weight resistance. Just because a hammock is big it does not necessarily mean that it will support more weight.

The actual resistance depends on the materials used and not on the size. Furthermore the quality and the number of strings used also matter as far as resistance is concerned. A good quality hammock has between 30 - 50 strings.

The materials of the hammock is important for several reasons apart from the weight it can take. Chose resistant material depending on the climate to where you live. We do not mean rain.

Sun, for example can be harmful to the fabric in the hammocks. Choose a hammock which is resistant to light and sun rays.


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