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Design and construction of pools

Design and construction of pools. Jardineria Ramal
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A lot of people think that to be able to build a pool in their penthouse, terrace or garden they need to have a lot of space. They think it isn’t (or won’t be) viable or cheap, and this added to not being able to visualize it… makes pools one of the most scarcely used elements in any outdoor space, whatever it may be.

Many clients tell us:  

- “We don’t have a pool on the terrace because it doesn’t fit”.
- “Uffff!! Building a pool in the garden would be really expensive. We prefer to put our money towards something else...” 
- “We don’t think it would look good. It probably wouldn’t fit with the style of our house.”

Details of pool plans. Jardineria Ramal

So we show people day after day that it isn’t like that, that they are actually wrong, and we have been able to change their minds in many cases. We just have to look over the space and establish technical criteria, a good plan and an intelligent design suited for the space to achieve a transformation from a plain space… to a unique, relaxing and full of life space. 

We live in a place with a nice climate almost the entire year and we spend a large part of the day outdoors with friends and family. The pool, to us, is one of the most significant elements of a home, including when it is not in use, and not only for the relaxing and refreshing advantages it offers… but because a well-designed pool creates a unique environment, suited to the space and exclusive, whether big or small.

At Ramal we dive in head first. We design the pool and we make a sketch or 3D graphics so that you can see how it would look in your house. For that we get all of the necessary information about the garden, terrace or solarium and we offer you a personalized solution so that you invest your money in an intelligent way.


Pool Projects.  Jardineria Ramal

When we take the step to build or renovate our pool, we listen to people or companies that are not specialists or a low budget doesn’t satisfy the design or the quality of materials required to get an attractive and durable pool.

How we design and build your pool

At our landscaping studio, we explain the steps that we take to try to convince you that it can be a viable option, simple and something you never imagined.

We visit you, get to know you and we talk about the principal aspects that we must keep in mind.

Design of the pool. Jardineria Ramal

From there we start to work on your project, and if you prefer, you can participate in the development with our architecture department and design from start to finish. That way you can visualize the 3D graphics and plans while your project advances.

What we have in mind while designing;

  • Viability: For starters, and the most important thing when trying to integrate a pool in a penthouse or terrace, is studying the viability. For that, if it is necessary, we make a viability report during construction. From there, after eliminating all of the uncertainty and evaluating the problems that could come up in the future, we drink a coffee... and begin.
  • Exposition: without doubt we always prefer areas with sunny exposition, but when the surface doesn’t receive and direct sunlight, we consider the value of other parameters. We will tell you them.
  • Location: We keep in mind aspects like privacy, strong winds, uneven ground, etc…  

Details of pools. Jardineria Ramal

  • Dimensions: They should be suited to and proportional to the existing space. There must be an adequate proportion between the living space, sun bathing space with a hammock and the pool space. The entire space should flow, which is why this could be the most important aspect for us, and our designs take it very seriously. 
  • Depth: shallow pools are popular now, in addition to being optimal for smaller spaces. It allows us to reduce construction costs, filling the pool and the filtration system. 
  • Form: rectangular is a classic that doesn’t fail, but depending on the space, square designs, a curved form, round or natural pools could be a perfect fit.

Types of pools.. Jardineria Ramal

  • Materials: we use and endless amount of materials based exclusively on the ingenuity of the end result. We use from shrouded concrete to warm colored marble, extraordinary porcelain pavements, cool colored gresites like greens, blues and greys, which can increase the sensation of space and they create a special, attractive environment.
  • Color: thanks to the materials used, we can give the water varied colors, from turquoise blue to tropical greens, beige or arctic colors. This gives the water colors that are spectacular and beautiful, making the environment truly special. 
  • Lighting: this is a key concept because with correct and faint lighting the complete set in the garden, terrace or solarium will look beautiful and nice at night.

  • Accessories: we can add a variety of accessories to convert the space into a “Spa” like hydro massage jets, waterfalls, fountains and water curtains, that in addition to being relaxing, give off a very nice ambient sound. Another very interesting accessory that is more and more requested is a water heater to effectively heat the pool and be able to swim any time of the year, and to be able to turn it on only when you want to use it.
  • Installing a filtration system. The purification, filtration and recirculation systems have to be made specifically for the space and take up as little space as possible. We are using more and more saline chlorinators due to the easy installation and easy management and because they save up to 80% on pool maintenance.
  • Transition area. We call this the space between the pool and the home. It is a place that can have a table or hammocks. This space should be integrated perfectly into the group.
Sketch of the pool. Jardineria Ramal

The construction of the pool has to be meticulously planned, done with a good eye and adapted to the necessities of each place and each client. It should be certain, have easy maintenance, adapted to the space, be functional, esthetic and have a personalized design. Personalized for you and your family. In addition, it should surprise everyone that visits your house and should create a space that is so nice and comfortable that it draws you out to spend nice moments there.  

Natural pools. Jardineria Ramal

We are a group of qualified workers and we will be with you from beginning to end so that you feel like part of our family. If in the end you aren’t interested in our offer, you can do the job with whoever you want. You decide. No obligation and no fine print.

Now, would you give up a nice swim? Call us and we will start to talk about your project...

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